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What are the advantages of a Pfotencheck certification for my company?

A Pfotencheck certification for your property not only benefits all two- and especially four-legged guests, but it is also of great economic interest. The role of dogs has evolved, espeically in recent decades, from working animals to family members, to child substitutes and life partners, to best friends and they even offer us emotional support. More than 10 million people in German-speaking countries live with a dog, this group’s income is on average 25% higher than those who do not live with dogs. With an annual spend of €60 million specifically on holiday planning for dogs, this growing market sector is, and will continue to be very lucrative. Many holiday makers no longer want to travel without their furry friend and seek to find accommodation that welcomes both them and their pets. Diving into this market means, among other things, increased booking requests in the low season, highly emotional customer access, exciting up-selling opportunities and increased potential for customer loyalty – If Bello and Bella feel comfortable, there is no reason not to return!

FAQs for hotels

  • Why are guests with pets interesting for my company?
    In German-speaking countries, about one in eight adults live with a dog and the trend of taking them on holiday is growing rapidly. This presents new opportunities for the hotel sector to capitalise on a group that is still under-represented, offering well thought out dog services can easily turn into a larger number of returning customers.
  • Why certify? We allow dogs, but we don’t want to become a dog hotel!
    It’s not necessary to focus entirely on pets, but a paw check certification ensures that your establishment and staff know what is important when guests arrive with dogs. Guests can trust that they, with their four-legged companion will be welcomed with open arms and won‘t experience any sudden inconveniences at check-in or throughout their stay.
  • Do all rooms need to be dog friendly?
    Of course not! The Pfotencheck.com certification is a sign of quality, not quantity. It is normal for hotels to limit the number of dogs allowed to stay at any one time. Allocating certain rooms to dog owners is an effective way to manage this. However, it is important that all two- and four-legged guests who have been promised a room, receive all the services specified and feel comfortable throughout their stay.
  • We are not adequately equipped and do not want to make large investments. Does certification still make sense?
    Yes! Even if properties offer fenced dog meadows, walking services and swimming opportunities for four-legged friends, it does not mean a dog can‘t feel comfortable with you. For dog owners when traveling, it is usually enough to find a few essential items in the room that their pooch needs. These are included in our starter package for paw checked properties: dog towels, dog bowls, poo bags, welcome treats and door hangers with the inscription „Dog in the room“.
If your hotel business now wants to become part of the Pfotencheck family, a certification can be applied for right here!
Pfotencheck-Zertifizierung Starterpaket, pfotencheck urlaub mit hund hotelleriebetriebe starterpaket
Zusammen mit der Zertifizierung erhält jeder Hotelleriebetrieb auch ein pfotencheck-Starterpaket mit Hundehandtüchern, Näpfen, Kotbeutel, Begrüßungsleckerli und Klinkenanhängern "Hund im Zimmer".

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